Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Georgia Special Education Petition :: Keep parents in the know, in the loop..

There is currently an online petition circulating concerning special education in Georgia.. It is being forwarded by parents of children with disabilities (CWDs).. They want to make the message clear that they are very serious about staying involved in the education of their children, our Future.. Please pass it on quickly..

Cyberhoused at The Petition Site: Educate Georgia Petition (#600878749)..

The Educate Georgia Petition states:

Children with Special Needs and their Parents want to be "equal" partners in the education of "their" children.

Recently, Georgia Dept. of Education, Division of Exceptional Students has proposed changes to the Special Education Rules, which will be effective July 2007, unless we speak up! Many of the proposed changes will negatively affect Children with Special Needs, their parents and education in our communities throughout Georgia.

The following petition is the collected voice of Concerned Public Citizens and Parents of Children with Special Needs. We the undersigned, hereby agree by adding our signature to this petition, that we are not in agreement with the 2007 Proposed changes to Special Education Rules and Regulations, as proposed by the Georgia Department of Education, Division of Exceptional Students.

The proposed changes will NEGATIVELY affect the education of Children with Special Needs and communities in Georgia. In addition, we, the concerned Public Citizens and Parents of Children with Special Needs propose the following changes: Adoption of Proposed changes, as contained in this petition, to improve the educational results for Children with Special Needs throughout Georgia.

Make Parents “equal” partners in education. Give us a place at the table when making decisions about our Children with Special Needs. Georgia Leaders, we are asking you to change the course of Georgia’s Education!

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