Saturday, January 27, 2007

People First Of Georgia Chartership Application..

Resource: People First of Georgia (email =

Application for Chartership
Please include *all* of the following information

Page 1 -- Introduction

  • Name of Chapter
  • Location of chapter
  • When will elections of officers be held
  • What is your motto or mission statement?

Page 2 -- Proposed Advocacy Activities

  • On another sheet of paper please explain what kind of activities and advocacy projects you have planned.

Page 3 -- Contact Information

  • You will need to enclose a membership contact list. The list should have the name, address, and email and phone number of every member, officer and supporter of your chapter. We also need a point of contact for your chapter (point of Contact person can not be a supporter.) Start the list by showing who your current officers are and the point of contact and their name, address, email and phone number. (The point of contact person can be an officer.)

Additional considerations for prospective People First chapters

  • Every chapter should contact the state officers once a month. Either by phone (their numbers is listed at the top of the enclosed letter), by letter (address listed at top) or by Emailing
  • **You will need to notify the state officers when you have changes in officers within 30 days of that change. **

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