Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.. :)

This latest blog of mine will serve first and foremost as a cyber cache of the best of the hundreds of emails that hit my inbox each day.. The focus for this, the Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar (GDAC) blog will be meeting, conference, and other related disability advocacy and self-advocacy event information that might be of interest to persons with disabilities in and around Georgia..

As with informational forwards elsewhere, right from the git-go, you will immediately notice credits are openly provided to the originating information that will appear here.. Soo.. The only thing I will ask of others is that if you heard it here first, please consider linking, referring back to the related post..

GDAC began a few years ago as a personal way of getting involved to help promote disability advocacy events occurring throughout Georgia.. It eventually became a full-blown self-advocacy project commitment during my training with Georgia Voices That Count (GVTC)..

Choosing a very resource-rich, open method of operation for the calendar, among other endeavors, comes from my own first experiences of trying to find information out there on the Net, back when "psychiatric survivor" first became a part of my own vocabulary, back when I was desperately, very desperately trying to find something resembling immediate help, assistance of any kind.. More often than not, some info could be found, but, man, oh, man, were sources the best of well-kept secrets.. To the information seeking individual whose Life may be hanging literally by one single string, this can be a very Life-affecting practice, indeed..

'Nuff rambling.. Let's get down to the business of change, involvement, full community inclusion for people of all disabilities by getting out there into our communities and getting involved.. :WINK:

Note: This blog is now officially considered the primary, much more active spinoff of Georgia Disability Advocates' Calendar with the to-be included posts one day finding their way home to the same.. Very occasionally, where appropriate, related photos will be shared through my Mountain Splash profile over at Yahoo! 360..

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